Rough To Polish

What is Rough To Polish

JAYKAR is a Company Which One Can Say  " ONE STOP SHOP " Job Work Service Provider In Diamond Industry From  ROUGH TO POLISH Equipped With All Latest Technology, Highly  Experienced & Skilled Staff & Trading Platform. We are having a proactive approach in accepting new and latest technology coming in the market to serve our clients better.

Rough To Polish Is Special Service That We Are Providing To Our Customer In Which We Look Into All The Process Like Scanning, Planning, Sawing, Manufacturing, Etc Behalf Of Customer So That Customer Can Concentrate On Other Thing And Can Save More Time

Process Includes In RTP

Galaxy Scanning ( 100 –  1000 – XL – Ultra )

Galaxy Planning & Marking ( Advisor 7.5 )

Quazer Sawing or Green Sawing

Manufacturing ( All Shapes )


Helium Polish Report

Terms & Conditions

Prices Are In Inr And They Are Based On Rough Stone.

Rough Stone Must Be Natural.

Any Process Must Not Be Down On A Rough Stone.

We Manufacture Only Those Stones Whose Outcome Is More Thane 0.50 Carat.

In “Rough To Polish” We Manufacture Round Shape Along With Almost All Fancy Shapes.

For Any Of Above Process We Are Not Entitled To Compensate Any Loss While In Process. Thus No Compensation Will Be Paid For The Same.

Rough Diamond Will Not Be Allowed To Be Withdrawn From Rough To Polish Process. If In Any Case It Wiil Be Withdrawn, Prices Will Be Charged As Per Individual Process It Has Gone Through.